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This past Sunday I asked four different people to share about their Bible reading and prayer time. I loved the fact that each of them was totally honest as three of them admitted there are times when those things don’t always happen.

Lynette was the last to share and she used the phrase “Never give up! Never surrender!” That brought a smile to my face because that is from a movie that we remember watching when our daughters all still lived at home. It was the saying of a spaceship commander who had fallen under the control of a terrible enemy. Yet, like all good movies, in the end he came out on top.

The enemy loves to condemn us when we don’t read God’s Word or pray. He tells us to “give up.” However, at the same time, if you listen carefully, you will hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Never give up! Never surrender!” God never gives up on us. He never stops loving us. Even when we fail to read His Word and to pray, He is there, calling us to come back and have communion with Him.

I encourage you, if you have fallen short in your Bible reading and prayer, to be even more determined than ever to become faithful in it. Make time for it. We always make time for what’s important in our life.

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